Thursday, 19 June 2008

Emerald Floods

Would you like to see some of the photos I took at the Emerald floods here in January. It stopped the town for a week. No-one was working, except for essentials and flood related services. It was scary as they knocked on our door the first night at 11pm to tell us to be ready to evacuate by 6am the next morning. So we spent the next few hours moving our furniture up a level in our split level. Anyway, as it turns out the water didn't even get into our streets at the height of the flood 4 days later.

Ebay & Paypal

So what do you all think about Ebay forcing everyone onto Paypal? I have no problem with Paypal being an option, but the fees are making selling small stamping & scrapping items uneconomical. I'm thinking about heading over to Oztion. Where are you heading or are you going to stay with Ebay? Would love to hear your comments

The Gift Hall

One of my friends here in Emerald has started a new venture. The items are absolutely beautiful and it is definitely worth checking out. It is a registered mail order gift online store that the sends the item straight to your loved one, even with a card . The price even includes the postage! Please have a look