Sunday, 14 September 2008

And finally for a big update day - some more ATCs

Here is some ATC's I've done over the last 12 months or so and some I have received.

The first photo are all mine. The 2nd photo top row are mine and the bottom row are ones I have received. If you see one you have sent me and would rather not have it up here, just let me know

Beautiful Chipboard.

I have a great new supplier of beautiful high quality chipboard.

Here are just a few of the items available. There is a stack. These are some of the more arty sets of chipboard shapes and a few of the scrapbooking titles. I love them. I've painted them, inked them, alcohol inked them, distressed them!

Contact me if you wish to order some! The shapes are $3 packet and titles $2 each. Cheap as chips I reckon. I also have quite a few different ones listed on ebay at the moment as well as brand new stamps! The link is:

Goth ATC

Here is the ATC I did for the Gothic ATC swap on Arty-oz. I really love the gothic style and can see myself getting more into the style. The darkness and swirls etc appeal to me. It would be more what I call "pretty goth" rather than ugly and extreme goth that people expect though.

Tag Books

Here are some scans of recently done tag books pages in the Arty-Oz swap. The first 2 are in Ness' book. I always wanted to have a go at beeswax and Ness gave us permission to try something new in her book. I had only has the beeswax for 2 or 3 years!
The 2nd lot of pictures are for Kylie's book on women. Sorry for the blurred scans towards the middle of the books

Art Club

Well for the last 3 Fridays I have been going to the local Art Club and trying my hand at painting canvasses. With the mixed media sort of stuff I have been doing through Arty-oz and other groups I am finding it not to bad. My first painting is of a Lion from a photo I took in Sth Africa 4 years ago. I will try and show you when I am finished - but only if it is good enough to be hung up somewhere in the house other than the toilet!