Monday, 6 July 2009


Here's some images that I have collected over the years. As far as I know they are copyright free.

Last Tag Book - finished in Feb

Here is the pics of the last tag book from the round robin swap. This is Teresa's book and her theme was Vintage Children. I decided to go with the seaside theme.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Blog Comments

I love blog comments - as do other bloggers. It let's us know first that people are looking at our blog and secondly what you like to see. So please leave a comment on blogs!

Art Lessons - Simple Pastel Drawings

I didn't even like pastels but managed to get 2 decent 5 minute pictures shown below. Then I tried my friends expensive Rembrandt pastels and what a difference. I bought a pack from the use for 1/3 of the price of here in Australia and now can't find time to really play with them.

Art Lessons

I used to draw when I was a teenager (25 years ago!!). I missed it and got so out of practice I couldn't even draw decent stick figures. Anyway, some friends and I are going to art class. I love it and it is my sane time every week. We use all different mediums and our teacher Mary is fantastic letting us explore our own styles. Here are some charcoal drawings I did earlier in the year. I will post some more thing soon. We are currently doing watercolours - something I didn't even think I would enjoy or be able to do. Am loving it - thanks Mary!

My new craft room cupboard

I have a new huge cupboard in my craft room. Now everything is out of plastic boxes, organised and behind dooors for tidiness. This room also doubles as the spare room when friends and family come to stay, so it needs to be tidy!

What a terrible blogger I've been!

How terrible is this - it's been January since I've made a post. I must try and be better!