Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sunset Photo

I wanted to show you all this beautiful sunset photo I took at the end of June. It was just south of Springsure (Central Qld) looking north, north west. The colours are just beautiful and I intend to try and paint it!
The top photo is of a sunrise between Capella and Clermont, early one March morning in 2008, on our way to a swimming carnival.
Don't we live in a beautiful country.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Giveaway ATC's

Anyone else for an ATC left over from the ACTSA Stamp Camp.

Please read the post below and leave a comment with your name and then email me your address to receive an atc. My email address is

First in, first served :)

My Scrapbook Page

A few of you may know I was lucky enough to win the Grand Champion Scrapbook Prize at our local show in June. I won a few prizes with various pages and was absolutely surprised and honoured to win. There were quite a lot of entries for a small town - probably at least 100 total in the various categories. Well here is the page. I'm really happy with the blend of colours. I am really monochromatic when it comes to stamping and crafting. In other words, I don't use a huge selection of colours, but stick to one colour way.
The top picture is of a card I entered. The entries had to be in by 3pm and I started the card at 2.30pm. Nothing like the last minute. Anyway, it won 2nd prize!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

2nd Watercolour Painting

Now this one took a few art sessions, mucking around trying to get it a bit realistic. I enjoyed the process but still found it a challenge for someone who likes to get something finished and done. One picture is in the process of doing it and then the final picture

First Watercolour Painting

Here is my first watercolour painting I did a few weeks ago now. I finished it in one art session, and am happy with the result for a first go.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009



A few of you may not know but I operate an ebay store by the same name as the blog "Paper Journey" or my username is debmuraus.

I've been a bit quite lately but there is still a heap of stamps up at the moment. There is also a special going on ribbon. Keep checking back as I have a load of stuff to list. Here is some examples of some of things I have.


Here are some of the ATC's I made for Canberra Stamp Camp. The theme was "Nostalgia". I really challenged myself and hand drew the 40 images for them. What an idiot I am. They are not all as nice as these two - my drawing still needs a lot of practice. And drawing 2 inches square is not easy. But if you are one of my stamping buddies in Australia, leave a comment and I will send you one of the 5 or 6 I have left over.

Collections Shadow Boxes

I loved making these boxes at the ACTSA Canberra Stamp Camp with Julie Van Oosten. I had to throw a few little extra embellishments on them, but we basically all made the same. They will be displayed on a book holder or similar once I can find the right one. For someone that has been stamping for 12 years, I don't have much finished art of my own. That's the beauty of this craft - sending off your agonised over pieces to a perfect stranger or internet friend.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Collections Journal - inside pages

Here are some of the pages from inside the journal book.

Collections Journal Book Project

Here is another great project we did last week at the ACTSA Stamp Camp. Thanks Julie, I really enjoyed this one and have made a few books/journals before off my own bat. You have now given me new skills to make more books in the future. Loved the chipboard - it's got to be one of my favourite products. These photos are off the front cover and the tiles.

ACTSA Canberra Stamp Camp

I had the most wonderful relaxing time last weekend in Canberra. It wasn't even cold. Thanks so much to my very special friends Grace, Michelle and Cheryll for inviting me to attend, for organising me and putting me up (or is that putting up with me?). I also want to thank the lovely Helen Brown for rooming with us at camp. You are such a wonderful person and it was great to get to know you a little bit. Thanks to my buddy Dianne, Lorelle and Lorraine for making me feel welcome at your table at camp.

To all the other friends that visited and took time out to catch up with me, thankyou. I value your friendship Kaeren, Bron and Raewyn. It was also great to catch up with Jacki, Raewyn's family, Lana Murray, Lorraine Fletcher and so many others and to get to know Nola.

Thank you to the ACTSA Committee for such a well organised and inspiring weekend. Last but certainly not least thank you to the wonderful Julie Van Oosten. You have encouraged me to create once again. Your down to earth attitude, your generosity and creativity is truly inspiring.

The class kits that you organised were right up my alley and allowed be to really enjoy just creating. In this post are the three cards we created.

Pictures Found - Joanne's Tag Book

As you have seen I have been in a round robin tag book swap last year into this year (don't ask). Anyway, one of my friend's (Joanne) book has gone missing. I found the pictures of what I did just yesterday. Because I took them on my camera and didn't scan them like I normally do the pictures were filed differently on the computer. So Joanne, here is a bit of a look what I did in your book.