Saturday, 29 March 2008

Fleur De Lis Swap - "Prince of France" ATC

I joined another great swap on the Arty Oz group. The swaps in this group amaze me and even though some of got theirs and I haven't as yet (mail takes a while to the middle of Qld) I know I will be getting some great returns.

I love the Fleur de Lis and often use it in various forms in my artwork. I looked up the history of the Fleur de Lis for this swap and found it very interesting - here is some of it and what I based my ATC on. Thanks to Wikipedia for the info and here is the link for the full history that is well worth a read -

It is an enduring symbol of France, but, being regarded most notably as the emblem of the monarchy, was not adopted officially by any of the French republics. On the contrary, as Spain is a constitutional monarchy, the fleur-de-lis symbol is associated with the Spanish King Juan Carlos I (of French dynasty origin) and the Kingdom of Spain.

In the reign of King Louis IX (St. Louis) of France the three petals of the flower were said to represent faith, wisdom and chivalry, and to be a sign of divine favour bestowed on France.[14] During the next century, the 14th, the tradition of Trinity symbolism was established in France, and then spread elsewhere.


Joanne said...

Yes I love all of the Arty Oz stuff too Deb, can't wait to get hold of some more of the chipboard books to work on, you have done a great job!

Kathy said...

I was lucky enought to get one of your ATCs in this swap. Thanks for the bit of history Deb, it's very interesting.

Gail said...

Love your atc, just sorry now I wasn't in this swap.

Danielle D said...

Oh, wow - what a beautiful ATC. So glad I found your blog, Debra!