Monday, 19 July 2010

New ATC's

Aren't I good - new posts 2 days in a row :)
Here are some recent ATC's I have done for some yahoo group swaps.  Top left is called "Free Spirit" and was done for the theme People of the Sea,,  I have used horse bandage and real sand on it.  Top right is called "Talking to the Raven Spirits" and was for the theme Gothic Silver and Black.  I have used air conditioning duct tape on this one.  I have 2 spare, so if you would like one please leave a comment.  Bottom left is called "Where is he?" and was for a Medieval Landscape themed swap.  I have one of these left over, so once again, leave me a comment and it can be yours.  Bottom right is called "London Gentleman".  It won't take too many guesses for the theme for this one - Vintage Male.


Lynn said...

Love the ATCs. I assume Horse bandage is what is used for bandaging horses? Is it similar to people bandage?

Kath in Oz said...

Hi Debra, love your recent ATCs. I would really like one of the Raven Spirit ATCs if you still have one to spare. You can find my details on Stamphappy in the 1-4-1 swap files or email me and I'll send you my snail mail. I'll create you a swap.

Happy paper crafting,


Anonymous said...

OK I'm lovin' the Raven card I've been playing with the idea lately of producing 'something dark' as a card and this is just my kind of thig. Nice work Deb.

Debra Murray said...

Okay, atc's all gone. I agree Kate - the more gothic, dark, vampireish the better. Yes I know that is probably not a word :)